Helping our customers help themselves!
First use a professional paint store, not
one of those large home improvement
stores.  Second, prep is the most important
part, and we'll cover that.
Third, pay the extra money for the proper
painting tools and product.
And lastly, don't be afraid to tackle your
painting project, all the information is here!
Using quality professional products can you make your project last for many years to come.
In fact some high quality exterior coatings have a lifetime guarantee, which gives you the home
owner peace of mind.  Remember, the cost of premium products may be high per gallon but will
go a long way when painting your largest investment.
Painting tips for the do it yourself home owner, information on drywall hole repair, sanding
patches, paint brush tech and tools, primers, paint finishes and more.
DIY information covering paint preparation for ceilings, walls, doors and trim work.
Tips and techniques for painting all surfaces, color selection tools and ideas, professional paint
stores and techniques.
Or ask about our HPA program,
(home painting assistance program) with two levels!
Whatever home project you take on, rest assured that you can complete it with professional
results!   You will be completely at ease after reading through the painting tips and techniques in
our site.  If you have questions after reading our site, we will be happy to answer them with an
email or you can enroll in our on the job painter assistance program!
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Interior, Exterior Painting Tips for the DIY!
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Interior washable walls with ceramic micro sphere technology
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Our home painting assistance (HPA) program offers you the home owner, a professional helper!
We can either evaluate your project and give you a detailed supply list, a list of steps from prep
to finish and ideas for color selections.  Or be a professional assistant to you the home owner,
painting with you from start to finish, including a discount on premium paint products.
Either way, you complete your project with a feeling pride!