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Two programs to assist homeowners!
Due to a demand in painting assistance
for homeowners, we started our HPA
program to save you money and offer
you pride in painting your home.
Read through the options below and see
which service better fits your needs.
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Our home painting assistance (HPA) program, offers a home owner professional help while you
paint your own home.  We can either evaluate your project and give you a detailed supply list, a
list of steps from prep to finish and ideas for color selections.  Or be a professional assistant to
you the home owner, painting along side you from start to finish, including a discount on
premium paint products.
Either way, you complete your project with a feeling pride!
Our first painting program is advice only:
We'll meet you in your home and evaluate the project, with friendly service and the following
Listening to you for the desired result, offering decorating ideas, color options and possible
accent walls if desired.
We'll point out areas needing preparation, offer a list of steps to follow, tools to use and a
material list, including where to purchase for the best prices.
Next we'll explain where to start and how to set up an area to paint, explaining rolling and
cutting in techniques, including when and where to use painters tape.
Then we'll cover painting doors and trim molding, products to use and taping advice.
Finally we'll cover cleanup for tools, paint storage and removing tape.

Pricing is $25 per hour with a minimum charge of 4 hours.
Our second painting program is advice and hands on from start to finish:
This program includes the same as above and hands on throughout the whole process.
We supply all tools needed, saving you the burden and cost of purchasing the necessary tools
Also included is the contractor discount on all paint supplies.
You the homeowner will work beside me from start to finish, pointing out every step along the
way, including all techniques needed and remedies for mistakes.

Pricing varies depending on how many assistants I will have on a daily basis, please call or
email for a home consultation.
We offer professional services and information for the do it yourself painters, giving
homeowners peace of mind, value and the ability to finish a project on their own.

A small business with large results!