Make sure paint contractors give an estimate for the exact same service, go into detail about
areas to be painted, type of paint, how many coats and preparation details. This will make it
easier to compare and chose the one that is right for you, and know that each estimate is based
on the same work amount and type.  Although a good contractor should be informing the
homeowner of these questions and more, including informing you about the possible price
increases due to certain unforeseen issues. (see our "possible price increase" page)

Types of paint can very greatly, you'll find the paint that contractors use can vary from
manufacturers to types of paint within each manufacturers paint lineup.  When asking about the
paint ask about sheen, ease of washing and does it have a warranty, prices can vary from as low
as $15 to as high as $70 a gallon. (see our "paint sheen" page for more info)

Ask the painting contractor about their preparation process, and make sure the painter plans to
repair all imperfections on the walls, ceilings, trim and doors before they are painted.

You and the contractor must agree to an expected completion time of the project, with an
understanding that the time is estimated and any exterior projects are "weather permitting".

Ask for references if the contractor was not referred by someone you know, or if after meeting
with them you're still not sure about the contractors work skills and/or ethics.

Make sure that the contractor is one who will stop working early enough each day to clean, and
properly store tools and paint until the next day.  This makes life on the homeowner much less
stressful and much easier to maneuver within the home.

A bonus is a contractor who can help with color selection, accent walls to use and design ideas
to change the overall look of your home.

Ask about required deposits, payment plans and final payment.  Generally deposits are 1/3 or 1/2
and final payment is due upon completion and the homeowners approval.  Do not pay a paint
contractor the entire estimate price up front!
Don't select a paint contractor on a cheap price
alone, this will almost always cause you grieve.
Painting estimate prices can come in several
hundred dollars apart or more, these differences
can be attributed to the amount of people on a
crew, paint product used and most often the
quality of workmanship.
Homeowners usually dread hiring paint contractors because it can be a stressful process, not
knowing if the price is fair, if the work will be finished and in a professional manner.
The following is a list of questions to help with the hiring of a professional painter.
Painting &
Questions To Ask Paint Contractors
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