Todays paint technology has given us many advantages over years past, you can even find that
todays paints have ceramic micro spheres for high washing abilities.  Paint sheens generally
range from flat, eggshell, matte, pearl, semi-gloss, gloss and high gloss.  In order, the finish
starts as a dull sheen on up to a extreme shine, dull finishes will give the best overall look but
generally the most difficult to wash.

Ceramic embedded paints are generally the best overall finish for interior walls, they allow a
matte sheen, excellent washing ability and a great moisture barrier for bathrooms.
Premium flat sheens still give the best look and will generally wash up well, and don't confuse
"premium" flat paint with what you'll find in a new build home.  Most paint crews in a new build
will mix drywall primer with a cheap flat paint, apply two coats and be done.  This leaves a finish
that continuously wipes off.

Exterior paints have come a long way, Pittsburgh Paints has a lifetime exterior paint that offers
complete peace of mind.  The "Timeless" product allows you to paint your home once, and
never again!  Timeless comes in varying sheens and "satin" is the most widely used and

Interior ceilings are simple and will almost always have a true flat sheen, except where a
moisture barrier is needed.  Interior trim moldings and painted doors usually have a "satin" finish
applied, and usually in an oil base.  Oil base paints are more durable and end up drying smooth,
leaving no brush marks unlike most latex based paints.

Paint sheens will also make the same paint color look different, as more or less light reflects off
from the varying sheens.  Another rumor is that the paint is not the same as the color chip it was
chosen from, this is false!  The color will look different on a large wall simply because of varying
light and the dramatic affect of a large wall vs a small paint chip.
Paint finishes (sheen) vary greatly and will either
make or break the end result.
Remember, the lowest sheen (flat) will always
give the best looking results.  Although flat will
usually not allow stains to be washed away well,
but todays paint technology has come a long way.
Years back home owners would opt for a gloss
sheen that would allow them to wash the walls,
today all this does is show off any and all wall
imperfections!  Eggshell sheens were typical but
ceramic matte finishes offer much more.
Interior and exterior paints can vary by sheen, ingredients and pricing.  Choosing the right sheen
for your home or commercial project is critical to a professional looking paint job.  And if a paint
contractor says a high sheen (gloss) when asking what sheen will clean the best, don't hire them.
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Above you can see sheen differences with
the same color red painted in stripes.
When you pick out your paint color you can view sheen charts, or view one from a professional
contractor.  And remember, the rule of thumb is, the lower the sheen, the better the look.