Let's start with exteriors, most are standard painting projects with no issues, but occasionally
we will find rotten boards that need replacing, excessive peeling and more than one coat of
Pittsburgh's lifetime warranty "Timeless" needed. (paint once and never again, visit exterior
painting page for more info)

Decks can be a bit more involved, either the deck needs to be correctly pressure washed,
allowed to dry and stained properly, or stripped.  Stripping a deck can be because of a failing
stain finish or solid color stain (which always fails) that the home owner wants removed.  If the
finish can't be completely removed with a stripping compound, then sanding is the next step and
can add about 40% to 60% to the original cost of restoration.  Sanding would also be needed if
the deck has been improperly pressure washed, or washed many times removing the wood
pulp. (visit our deck page for more info on proper deck maintenance)

Additional interior costs could be weak or rotten drywall, exposed during either the prep or
painting process.  Excessive paint peeling due to moisture, either from a water leak or a house
setting empty for some time.  And the largest reason for added paint prices would be multiple
coats of paint for proper coverage.  This is usually from lighter yellows and brighter reds, there
are tricks of the trade to ensure less coats but the process still ends up being more than two.

Excessive use of paint or stain product on an exterior or interior, would be another additional
paint cost.  This occurs exteriors when a surface has not been maintained properly, or the
original builders paint is the top coat of paint showing.  What happens is that the paint or stain is
soaked up much more than usual, sometimes doubling the amount of estimated product needed.
As everyone who owns a home knows,
sometimes after starting a home project you'll
uncover additional issues that need attention.  
Don't let this worry you, this only happens about
20% of the time and a contractor should inform
you of such possibilities within the initial estimate.
With Interior and exterior paint estimate prices, there can be unforeseen painting costs that
would be added to the original painting "estimate".  We'll explain how and why this could occur
with not only painting projects, but decks and other home improvements as well.
Painting &
Possible Paint Estimate Price Increases
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Keep the estimated cost and the possibility of added costs in mind before hiring a paint
contractor, and ask questions.  If extra charges Occur during a project without knowing the
possibility ahead of time, this could cause uneasy feelings between you and the contractor.
Primers generally will not cover any better than a premium top coat, primers are designed to give
a bonding coat only.